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Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec — Secure Lytec Access from Anywhere

COVID-19 has shaken up medical practises around the world. The ongoing pandemic has forced providers to look for new solutions in the way they provide care. Some changes, like eliminating groups of people in waiting rooms, have been fairly simple to implement. Telecommuting and virtual patient visits have been a vital part of fighting this pandemic and protecting community health, but have proven to be more of a challenge for many organizations. Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec is designed to make the transition into this new medical care landscape smoother and easier for administrators and staff.

Large organizations with dedicated, full-time IT professionals were best equipped to help providers access important patient data when Congress passed temporary legislation earlier this year allowing for the coverage of more telehealth services. Organizations without the resources and IT staff required to provide remote access for employees have had to work quickly to find solutions like using cloud-based computing for Lytec.

Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec uses VPN-secured IBM cloud machines on a Tier 1 backbone for high reliability and extremely low downtime. This means you’re getting the security you need for your sensitive data along with the confidence of knowing you’ll always be able to get to your information when you need it. Getting set up takes just minutes and our knowledge helps to facilitate a smooth transition to the cloud for any size facility or organization.

In addition to providing access from anywhere, moving Lytec data to the cloud helps to ensure data safety with less worry. Accidents like fire or damage can happen at any time. So can natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, or floods, meaning your Lytec data could be at risk. With Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec, there’s no need to worry about IT infrastructure damage or backups because your data is safe and secure.

Data breaches are a concern for all providers. Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec not only minimizes the physical footprint required to house Lytec data and protects against physical information loss, it also helps to improve the security of your data. Cloud-based Lytec storage reduces the chance of data mishandling by personnel as well as using a secure VPN connection to virtually eliminate risk from digital threats. As an added bonus, all Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec subscriptions include the popular EZ Post, Validator, and Reports Pro programs at no additional charge!

For more information on how Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec can help your organization, call Medsoftware at 800-444-4570 or contact us today to take advantage of great offers on Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec!

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