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Validator Features

All versions of the Validator have offered these great advantages for many years:

  • Send Claims Directly to Carriers!
  • Get Paid Quicker (as little as 3 days, instead of 9 weeks or more)
  • No Per Claim Charge (Save Thousands of Dollars a year!)
  • No Annual, or Setup Fees, all you pay for is the software!
  • Check Claims before they are sent out, and reduce rejected claims

The Validator comes in 3 Editions

The Validator is in three different editions to suit the varying needs of our many clients! You still enjoy all of the benefits that the Validator has always offered, but can now obtain the program in the edition that meets your particular needs and budget.

The Bronze Edition

The Bronze Edition is a full featured version of the program with licenses for up to two (2) carrier modules. (This could be just two insurance carriers, like Medicare and BCBS, or it could be one insurance carrier and the THIN all-payer solution for 700 or more insurance companies!) The Activation Key is tied to the submitter ID number you obtain from the carrier.

The Silver Edition

The Silver Edition is the same as the bronze, but has additional licenses for as many carrier modules as are applicable for one state. The Silver version will allow you to send claims directly to as many carriers as we have for your state. The Activation Key for this version is also tied to the submitter ID number you obtain from the carrier.

The Gold Edition

The Gold Edition allows for UNLIMITED carriers across all states, including carriers that S&A has yet to create a carrier module for. Using a simple, step-by-step wizard, you can create your own additional carrier modules for any carrier that you wish to send claims to that accepts the new ANSI 4010 format with NO NEED TO CALL PSS. The Activation Key is tied to your computer, so you may add and remove carriers at will with no need to call for additional Activation Keys. In addition this version allows you to add CPT to ICD9 cross-walk checking capabilities to your Validator program. The Validator will then warn you if you have not used the correct ICD9 code with a specific CPT code, and will display a list of valid codes to choose from!

Validator for Lytec Medical

If you are reading this page, then you already know why direct electronic claims are far superior to paper claims, and why it makes dollars and sense to use direct electronic claims instead of that old clearinghouse, but maybe you are wondering how the Validator compares to other direct electronic claims solutions offered…
The Validator was specifically designed for Lytec The Validator has always been specifically designed to work with the Lytec system, and when there is missing information, we not only tell you and let you fix it on the fly, but we tell you WHERE IN LYTEC to fix the missing information.
The Validator integrates directly with your Lytec Data files The Validator program interfaces directly to your Lytec data files in order to offer perfect integration! This means that you don’t have to “print” claims from Lytec before using the Validator to process a batch. The Validator will automatically pull the appropriate claims directly from your Lytec practice, and this perfect integration also allows us to fix problems on the fly, both in the claim file, as well as in the data files!
The Validator has integrated communications capabilities Unlike many of our competitors, the Validator actually utilizes a built in communications program to help you to transmit your claims to the carrier. This allows DIRECT claims submission to many of our supported carriers at the touch of a single button! No more remembering login ID’s and passwords or having to purchase third-party software just to transmit your claims to the carrier!
The Validator is capable of sending claims to ANY HIPAA compliant carrier With other direct electronic claims solutions, you must wait around until the vendor creates a “module” for your carrier. The Validator Gold edition has the built in capability to add any carrier on the fly. In less than 10 minutes of setup you can be submitting claim files to any HIPAA compliant carrier!

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