Data Repair

We all know it happens: power surges or loss, network interruption, human error.  The hard facts are that all of these things can cause data corruption.  While we strive to minimize the likelihood of data corruption, there are always chances that it will occur.  Don’t get caught in a vulnerable situation.

Medsoftware, Inc. has the technical training, expertise, and utilities to repair most cases of damaged databases.  Since supporting practice management systems since 1990, we’ve see just about every kind of bad data there is.  We can even find the cause of the errors and not just offer fixes after the data has been damaged.

Medsoftware, Inc. can assist you in finding your causes of data corruption and in repairing damaged data after the fact.  But we’d still like to remind you of the first 3 rules of maintaining error-free databases:

  1. Backup
  2. Backup
  3. BACKUP!