We provide a wide range of professional services and options for training and installation to meet our practice’s needs and budgetary requirements. We can provide a complete turn-key solution to your medical software requirements, including all hardware, software (both application and operating system), installation and training services, plus ongoing application and technical support. This gives you a one-call support service and eliminates the potential for finger pointing when dealing with multiple vendors. We can also supply the one piece of the puzzle that you need for your practice management needs.

With over 15 years of experience, our ability to understand and adapt our work to your specific needs makes our implementation services superior to other offerings in the market. These years have taught us that working in an onsite setting is far superior to online offerings. With that in mind, >Medsoftware, Inc. has geared our Professional Services with a goal of performing these services in an onsite environment.  Communication, creativity and performance are all maximized when we work face-to-face to reach your goal of a successful and smooth-running practice.  Although we strongly promote onsite work, we realize that often it is not feasible to perform all tasks in this venue. In this case, we work with our clients to accomplish the best mix of onsite and remote services to maximize our performance and their learning curve.

Professional Services

On-site is the best way we offer all types of technical and application services at your office. These requested services can include training, corruption trouble shooting, forms alignment and any network and/or hardware related problems.  We can assist you with many services your office may need, such as Project Management, On-site/Remote training, e-fax/Scanning solutions, data repair, custom reports, electronic claims, NPI updates, anti-virus/spyware, backup solutions and networking and hardware issues.  Invoiced at an hourly rate with prior approval, travel expenses apply.

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