Practice Management (PM)

Refers to the software systems used by Medical practices to store patient demographics, provide patient scheduling and billing.  Most practices currently have these systems and are looking to upgrade and stay current with the ever changing world of medical reimbursement.

Integrated Practice Management and EHR Software (EHR/PM)

Integrated PM/EHR systems are medical office application that combine patient demographics, scheduling, billing and collections, document management, electronic prescriptions, patient encounter notes (the complete patient chart), and patient communications into one application.  Most medical offices have the patient demographics, scheduling and billing applications operating in their offices today.  The introduction of electronic medical records has caused the requirement to combine the existing PM systems by integrating with EHR functionality into one application.  Most currently, these applications have moved to the “cloud”, like McKesson Practice Choice, providing fully integrated systems without the need for on-site hardware.
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Electronic Data Interchange

(EDI) covers a series of products and services providing the ability to submit claims electronically, receive remittance advice (ERA) electronically, check eligibility electronically and electronically prescribe patient prescriptions.  These services result in significantly improved financial performance of medical practices. More Information



Other Medical Office Tools

This area covers any number of ancillary products and services needed by a medical office.  Examples include on-line and local backup procedures, data management services, automated reminder call services, credit card processing services and similar types of products and services. More Information


Medsoftware can provide and install the full compliment of hardware components needed to ensure functionality, reliability and efficiency for your medical office system. This includes servers, workstations, labtops, tablets, card scanners and high speed scanners.

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