Remote Support

Medsoftware, Inc. offers remote support solutions that allow our technicians to see and interact with your screen.  Remote support is the quickest and easiest way for us to fix your problem and answer your questions without an on-site visit.  We have provided links below to facilitate a remote support session.

WARNING: Do not click/download these products until requested to do so by a Medsoftware, Inc. support representative.

Medsoftware Support Sessions:

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Other Remote Support Tools:



Application Support

Single Incident Service:

Any SINGLE technical, application or reimbursement problem, including trouble-shooting hardware and operating system is covered by this service.  An incident is used to solve a single specific problem.  This service is provided on an “as available” basis.  Requested ON-SITE or REMOTE support services (training, hardware installation and support) are available at standard rates.

Single Incident Service is available for those practices that only have an an occasional question and are willing to be responded to on an “as available” basis.

Payment is required by credit card at time of service.

Unlimited Support Services:

Any technical, application or operating system problems are covered by this telephone service.  This support plan allows unlimited calls.  Trouble-shooting any problems related to the Practice Management System are covered.  This support service guarantees the lowest hourly cost for on-site support services.  Remote Access is provided with this plan to ensure the fastest possible response time to problems.

This is our highest support level for those practices that want to have unlimited access to support.  It provides a one call number for all issues relate to your Practice Management System.

Payment is billed on a monthly basis.

Help Desk

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