New Features Available in Medisoft V25

New Features Available in Medisoft V25

Unlike movies where sequels are rarely an improvement on the original, new software releases often come with many exciting and useful new features. Medisoft© powered by eMDs, the most popular, proven, trusted and affordable practice management solution, has recently released Medisoft V25 with new, more powerful features. Here are just a few of the many benefits of upgrading to Medisoft V25.

Information when and where you need it

Medisoft V25 makes it easier to provide fast, personal care with patient DOB, age, and last eligibility check date added to the office hours appointment screen. Save time and reduce friction by having all the information you need right at your fingertips.

Data entry made easy

Make manual insurance card data entry a thing of the past with the new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology that works with your existing scanner. OCR scanning allows patient insurance, demographic, and other policy information like co-pays to be automatically populated into your software. You can also use this software to pull information from previously scanned documents making it easy to convert patient information quickly and easily. Additionally, the Medisoft V25 upgrade makes it easy to ensure information is correct by highlighting any previously filled fields to call attention to potential changes when entering a new OCR scanned document.

Increased security with login audit trails

Disruptions from unauthorized access to your digital files can cost your business time and money. The newly added login/logout audit trails available in Medisoft V25 allow you to monitor login/logouts by computer workstation, user profile, and the time and date of each event. These logs can’t be turned off and allow for an added layer of security.

Save time with in-screen persistence

It can be time consuming and bothersome when you’re repeatedly required to set the payor type/payment method parameters when processing transactions. That’s why when you select a payor and payment type and process the deposit, the Medisoft V25 default is to reuse those same settings for the next in-screen transaction. We call this in-screen persistence and it will save you clicks and time so you can process your deposits more efficiently.

More accurate insurance verification

Having multiple names for the same insurance provider in multiple locations can be confusing and slow down your productivity. In Medisoft V25, you can now see insurance codes along with insurance names on the entry screen, allowing you to quickly verify the correct insurance for the transaction.

Enhanced ICD-10 search tool

Medisoft V25 makes it easy to find the clinically relevant term doctors need that maps to the correct ICD-10 codes for accurate, profitable billing with enhanced ICD-10 search powered by IMO® Terminology. Simplify your workflow, maximize reimbursement, and save time for providers and patients alike.

Bill with more accuracy

Problem and diagnosis enhanced search quickly finds the right clinical descriptors to pull accurate codes including suggesting additional codes that support more detailed billing and accurate quality reporting.

Real-time eligibility enhancements

No more reading messy handwriting or data entry mistakes that can lead to denials that are expensive to rework. Medisoft V25 allows you to request additional patient demographic information with the real-time eligibility request. Now you can verify that you have accurate patient insurance information including coverage, copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and key patient demographics. This enhanced intelligence means the system knows when to skip prompts that don’t apply, resulting in a faster workflow and saves you time.

We are offering discounted pricing on Medisoft V25 to customers who purchase by November 20, 2020. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to reserve your copy at the reduced rate. Contact us immediately to get started today and experience all the benefits that come with Medisoft V25 for yourself.

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