Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec

Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec — Secure Lytec Access from Anywhere

The way we provide care has changed due to COVID-19. Medical waiting rooms have all but disappeared, in-person patient consults are no longer the only option for care, and telecommuting has created both opportunities and challenges for staff. Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec is helping to make the transition into this new medical care landscape smoother and easier for administrators and staff.

Organizations without the resources and IT staff required to provide remote access for employees while diligently keeping highly sensitive data safe benefit from using cloud based computing for Lytec.

Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec was designed to provide clients with security and high availability, as well as the knowledge to create a smooth transition to the cloud. Medsoftware Cloud servers are VPN secured, IBM cloud machines on a Tier 1 backbone for high reliability and extremely low downtime.

Benefits of Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec

Access Data from Anywhere

Virtual patient consults and telemedicine have been important tools for providers in today’s landscape. This remote medicine has made it vital that Lytec records can be accessed from anywhere and now it can with Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec

Data Security Without the Worry

Data breaches are a concern for all providers and data security is not something that can be left to chance. Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec uses secure VPN connections which help to ensure your data is always safe.

No Backups or Hardware

Accidents, natural disasters, or extended use can cause servers to go down, taking your ability to work efficiently with them. Cloud-based Lytec data solution eliminates worry about information backups or hardware infrastructure issues.

Setup in Minutes

Your time is valuable so it’s important to have a solution that will work now, not in days or weeks. Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec can be set up and ready to use in just minutes getting you back to business while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Direct Support

Access support directly from Medsoftware for any question or concern about Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec.

Best Value

All Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec subscriptions include the popular EZ Post, Validator, and Reports Pro programs at no additional charge!

Call Medsoftware at 800-444-4570 or contact us today to take advantage of great offers on Medsoftware Cloud for Lytec!

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