Now Available: Medisoft v19 SP1 Hotfix 1

Medisoft v19 SP1 Hotfix 1

The following issues were recently reported for Medisoft v19 SP1:

  • Audit trigger errors appearing during conversion of practice data
  • Slowness in Transaction Entry and Claims creation
  • The message “You must close the pop-up window” appears when trying to close the Transaction Entry screen
  • Reports printing slowly
  • ICD-9 codes incorrectly populating the ICD-10 code field in the Diagnosis Entry screen during conversion from releases prior to Medisoft v19
  • Users receiving floating pointer errors during printing and during conversion
  • Medisoft v19 SP1 Hotfix 1 will address the issues above.

Medisoft v19 SP1 HotfixDownload the  1 Here

After clicking the Medisoft19SP1Hotfix1.exe link, please follow the onscreen instructions.

To view the Release Notes, Click Here.

They are also available on BPS VAR Central at

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