Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing Services

At Medsoftware, we offer more than software and technical support for your medical practice.  The lessons we have learned during our 15 years of assisting medical offices has given us the tools for our medical billing services expansion in Arkansas.  Our team of certified professional coders and medical billing specialists combine with our McKesson software team to ensure revenue growth for your practice.

Our medical billing service will evaluate your billing needs, execute accurate and fast billing, collect debts courteously and thoroughly, increase revenue and keep you informed with accurate reporting.  Improper coding and billing can cost most practices $200,000 per year in lost revenue.  Medsoftware, Inc. can help.  We offer our expertise combined with customized software solutions that result in additional income and reduced overhead.  We can even offer Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions with internet access from anywhere.


Why Medsoftware Billing Specialists?

We earn our practices a 10-30% increase in revenue.

We have local account managers and you and your staff will see us regularly.

We get claims are paid in most cases within 12-20 days.

We will train you with the best coding techniques.

We customize your billing process just for your practice.

We are persistent and tireless during the claim and appeal process.

We train your staff on the best practices for increased revenue.

We professionally handle all patient calls about billing.

We will do a monthly analysis of your practice and keep you informed.

Contact us today and benefit from the revenue increase your practice deserves along with the peace of mind that comes with the freedom to focus on good patient care.

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