McKesson Practice Choice

McKesson Practice Choice™ is the latest web-based (Cloud computing, Software-as-a-Service) electronic health records (EHR) software and physician practice management solution from McKesson. Designed from the ground up for today’s busy independent physicians, Practice ChoiceTM provides an easy-to-use, intuitive solution to streamline the workflow, protect cash flow and enhance patient care without the expense of hardware or an IT support staff.

Practice ChoiceTM is a fully integrated medical billing, scheduling and clinical EHR solution that incorporates an attractive user interface, simple organization and navigation, and drag and drop functionality. Practice ChoiceTM is fully integrated with RelayHealth EDI and BillFlash (3/2012) for streamlining ePrescribing, claim processing and monthly statements – some of the most labor intensive tasks your staff faces.

Start-up time is minimal and following implementation, you pay a monthly fee of only $299 to $399, depending on desired services, for a fully ONC-ATCB certified EHR system designed to easily track your progress against Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria and Clinical Quality Measures.

Ideal for independent physician practices, Practice ChoiceTM

  • Lowers the cost of a traditional EHR system
  • Is designed for small offices where provider and staff wear many hats
  • Protects cash flow with imbedded eligibility checking and claim/EDI services
  • Helps you go electronic without compromising patient care or patient record security
  • Uses technology to create new efficiencies in your workflow
  • Improves visibility into the health of your patients and your practice

Additionally, Practice ChoiceTM provides your staff with:

  • Greater insight into daily routines such as checking in and moving patients throughout the office
  • More visibility to patient and insurance information as well as ability to populate these fields at the point of check-in on a single screen
  • Full-compliment of reports including daily reports on claim submissions
  • Well-documented patient records that are accessible at any time from any location by multiple users
  • Easy button navigation to all areas of the system, including patient scheduling and billing applications
  • Connection to health information exchanges (HIEs) for enhanced care coordination
  • Smart Note Technology which allow you to complete a progress note, order prescriptions and labs, and populate the remaining sections of the chart all from within one screen

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